We Realize the Digital World to Pupils

The start into digital electronics becomes a child’s play with our modular kit. Shape your lessons of tomorrow with our didactic preprocessed concept.

Our Vision

  • Explain the world of today
    We want to explain pupils the functionality of the digital world and thereby rob them of the fear of technology.
  • Provide young people with a future
    We provide easy access to STEM topics, preparing for the careers of the future.
  • Assist teachers in teaching
    In order to be able to arrange an interesting and instructive lesson, we also offer teaching materials.

Digital Electronics Ready to Hand

Learning easy

Let your pupils at age of 12 years and above experience and understand the digital world in a playful and intuitive way.

Hands-on Electronics

Digital technology can be experienced with the modular components and arouses enthusiasm for experimenting.

Fun by Learning

Inspire your students for STEM subjects and show with our experiments how versatile digital electronics are.

Educational Concept

With our didactic material you save time for lesson planning – concentrate on the essentials.


Our teaching material is robust and durable – so you do not have to worry about failures, for example.

Made in Germany

Our quality product is developed and produced according to high standards in Germany.

Try out for Free

For each school we offer the unique opportunity to test our product for free. Let us know the school you are teaching at. We will contact you soon!

Our References

“Die Technik physisch in der Hand zu halten ist durch nichts zu ersetzen und nicht mit einer Simulation oder theoretischen Beschreibungen vergleichbar. Wenn es Mexdulon nicht schon gäbe, müsste man es gerade erfinden. Ein Wunder, warum da nicht schon früher jemand drauf gekommen ist. Ich bin äußerst angetan und meine Erwartungen wurden bei weitem übertroffen. Selbst wenn sich herausstellen sollte, dass das Interesse meines Sohnes schnell erlahmt, war dies definitiv kein Fehlkauf. Ich gestehe, ich habe mich auch selbst beschenkt und bin begeistert. ”

Andreas Braun