Where can I find documentation of the boards?

All files belonging to the boards are in our Github.

Can I buy these boards anywhere?

The tetra-Boards were designed as soldering kits and are sold by request.

Under which licence the boards are published?

The boards are licenced as CERN Open Hardware Licence v1.2. This licence is specifically aimed for the publication of hardware. It is a copyleft license, thus every modification of the boards must also be published.

Can I use the gerber files to produce the boards myself?

Yes, for this purpose, they are here!However, the license section 4 must be complied with.

Can I modify the eagle files and then produce the modified board?

Yes, however, the license requirements must be complied with, so the changed files have to be published.

Can I put the mexdulon lettering on my own produced boards?

No, the mexdulon lettering is a feature of original mexdulon boards and should remain so.

Who is behind mexdulon?

The inventor of the tetra-Boards is Oliver Krebs, a technical computer scientist with passion for technology and hardware. He has support from Björn Anders, who also studies computer science and is enthusiastic about his idea. Together, we are building the company mexdulon.

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